Hope is like expectation

Faith is now but hope deals with something that must happen

Look at this again

Hebrews  11:1 Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things HOPED for, the EVIDENCE of things not seen.

Pls note that if you ask anything in faith, you still need to keep your hope alive or else you may never receive it

I have seen many crash bcos they ask and when it seems like what they have asked in faith is delaying, they go ahead and take another option

Some of them fall

Some of them couldn’t wait to see there results physically delivers into their hands bcos

They refused to keep their hope  alive

Without  a living hope, job would NEVER had recover all he lost

Without hope Jesus wud NEVER had died on the cross

Without a living hope, you can’t proof to God you truly have faith

Bishop Oyedepo calls it “Husband(Faith) and wife(hope)”

When you believe God for something and you’re soooo sure God has heard you then you must Never let your hope be dead

Bcos it will come to a point when you may begin to ask “am I sure God even heard me”

Am I sure God will ever  fulfill His word in my life?

It will always come to a point in your life when it seems God’s promises are being delayed… What you need at those moments is a living hope

Your hope must be kept alive and strong

But there are certain things you don’t need to waste your time hoping for… You’ll need hope but it has to be by violent faith..

When it comes to healings

Be as violent as you can be

But not all healings are instant.. Some are gradual and when its gradual, you need your hope to stay alive too.. But it has to be violent

Pls note that, God will do everything He says and He will do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you believe Him for (mk11:24; Eph3:20)..

You don’t need to know how He will do it. Do you know how God killed Goliath bcos David believed God for it? No!

Did you know how Jordan was driven back and rose up like a heap? No!

Do u know how the red sea parted? No! But God did them all bcos someone believed Him for it..

Believe God for the Impossible.

Never ask how just trust God to do the wow!

Many of you are trying to pity God… You can’t pity God, you can’t help God either

God is all powerful whether you accept it or not, it does not change or reduce Him

Whether u worship Him or not, He cannot reduce in power glory and greatness


Never reduce God in ur mind

Faith is not just what we need to please God( Heb 11:6), Faith is an instrument that we use to dislodge or disharm the enemy(Ephesians  6:16 Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked)

“Above ALL” it means when other things are in place, then take faith

No devil can stand faith.. They know when you have it

You talk with power when you have it

And you walk as if the devils are not a match bcos they are not if you know

No devil has what it takes to defeat a believer, but we don’t know and that’s why we’re receiving some attacks….

O they know not, neither will they understand, they walk on in darkness… I’ve said “you’re gods and all of you are the children of the most high”

God has given this earth to d children of men but the devil is against it

This is why u need faith to stand

Now what are the channels or pathways to great faith

1. Salvation

After salvation, everyone receives a measure of faith from the Lord…

2. The word of God: what we do with the word determines how we gain access into revelations which in turns powers our faith

Every new revelation of God u have deposits a tangible amount of faith into your life

3. Prayer

Without prayer you may NEVER have access to some revelations… For it is written “ask of me and I’ll answer u and I’ll show you great and mighty things which you do not know

A buoyant prayer life will result to a faith-filled life

4. Relationship with the Holy Spirit

5. Praying abundantly and excessively in tongues….

The truth is that you can’t pray  in excess

But wat I mean by that is pray in tongues like you drink water

Pray in tongues anywhere

6. God’s direct voice also builds up our faith

Jude 20 says building up yourself on ur most Holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost

And when you pray more In the Holy Ghost, you have access to God’s voice easily.



​ 1. Three revelation gifts i.e spiritual gifts that reveal something: They spring from God’s omniscient (All knowing).
a. The word of wisdom

b. The word of knowledge 

c. The discerning of spirits
2. Three power gifts. i.e Spiritual gifts that do something: They spring from God’s omnipotent (All powerful).
a. The gift of faith 

b. The gifts of healings.

c. The working of miracles.
3. Three utterance or inspirational gifts. i.e Spiritual gifts that say something: They spring from God’s omnipresent (present every where).
a. Prophecy 

b. Divers kinds of tongues

c. Interpretation of tongues.

We shall start from the first which is the word of wisdom. We’ll jus give like two examples because of our time
 The word of wisdom is a supernatural revelation by the Spirit of God concerning the divine purpose and plan in the mind and will of God. It deals with the FUTURE or what is to happen. 

– It is given to a person through words, visions or dreams. It provides understanding and instruction on what action must be taken. 

– It is NOT revealed through human ability or natural wisdom. It is God’s revelation of His plans and purposes. 
– Please note that the word of wisdom is not the gift of wisdom or intelligence. Solomon never had this gift of word of wisdom, what he had was wisdom. 

– This is not the ability to know how to handle life situations or challenges. But it could be a revealed Word by the Holy Spirit on how to handle a particular situation or problem. 

– It is not the ability to know how to give good counsel or advice.

– It is not the ability to interpret scriptures.

– It is not wisdom sanctified to the service of God.
WORD OF KNOWLEDGE: This is the revelation of past or present facts or events that cannot be known through our natural senses. They are revealed to the speaker by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
– This is not the ability to understand scriptures and you can have this gift without being able to interpret scriptures at all, even a baby Christian can have this gift.

– It is given to a person through words, visions or dreams.

 Once again pls note that the word of wisdom is not the same with natural wisdom.  Because all the gifts are supernatural and none of them is natural or from the mind..
– The word of wisdom could come to someone in form of dreams like Joseph, in visions like Daniel, through angels like Gideon and in a voice like Moses.
The simple difference between WOW and WOK is that, The word of knowledge deals with the past and the present while the word of wisdom deals with the future.
 It is word of KNOWLEDGE to know by the help of the Holy Spirit the address, the situation of a person or telephone number or name, etc of a person.
 But it is word of WISDOM that reveals the plan of God for the future with precision. 
– Moses had the word of wisdom when he was commissioned to go and save the children of Israel from bondage.
– Jonah: the word of wisdom was at work when he was sent to Nineveh..

So I’ll just simply define the rest and when next we meet, we shall be looking at the examples
DISCERNING OF SPIRITS This gift gives insight into the spirit world. It is discerning of all spirits and it is not the discerning of devils alone. 
*There are three kinds of spirits:

a. Divine Spirit

b. Human spirit

c. satanic 
*this is not the power to discover or find fault in others. Everyone easily find fault but this is not what this gift is all about.

*it is a gift to discern spirits both good and evil. Stephen was able to see/discern the similitude of God and to see the risen Christ sitted at the right hand of God through this gift (Acts 7:55-58).

* it is discerning of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, Cherubims, Arch angels, host of angels, Satan and his agents.

But you must also note that many a times we can have two or three or even four of the gifts manifesting together..

Ananias was not even an apostle but we can find at least four gifts operating thru him to reach out unto Paul

 Word of wisdom, knowledge, gifts of healing, faith and prophecy

 So many a times, the gifts can manifest together
THE GIFT OF FAITH : The Gift of Special Faith Is Not the Same as Saving Faith Every believer already has general faith or saving faith, which is also a gift. 

This gift of faith can help you to trust God for anything, no matter how great.

The gift of faith does not grow but saving faith grows

The gifts of healings.
Note that, all miraculous healings whether, lame, blind, missing body part, palsy, and etc are all the manifestation of the gifts of healings. But some people that were born with some body parts missing will require the manifestation of the working of miracles..
There are many gifts of healings because Jesus took 39 stripes for our healing. 

– A single person does not have ALL the gifts of healings except Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus always heals everyone(all manner of sicknesses and diseases).

If you want to heal everyone then you’ll have to build up their faith

U can be healed without d gifts of healings if u believe d word of God and apply it to your life mk11:24

This is why some people have the gifts for taking care of certain diseases more easily than others. You can’t give what you don’t have.

But we can press into God and have more manifestations of the gifts but we can’t have all in manifestation through a single person.

This is why we need unity and love in the church, because all the gifts can function in a church through different persons and also this does not stop people from receiving healing by simple faith.

And one thing with these gifts of the spirit is that

Most people God has called into certain ministries will be equipped with some certain gifts to stand in those offices

But some ministers may never get it until they submit themselves to grace

Association matters wen it comes to Impactation

The manifestations I had before was personal… Most of the manifestations of d word of wisdom and other ones were for only me, though very few for other tins but until I come in contact with some certain  people I never had it manifested thru me to bless others more

This is why we must get out of pride and humble ourselves to receive what God has deposited in others

I was so hungry to hear God’s voice one night, that I just sat down expecting Him to speak, ahaha…. We must know God wants to talk to us and thru us if we must flow in these gifts without sweat….

We must be ready to go thru for Him so we can grow in the gifts

Getting the gifts and anointing is more easier than maintaining it and increasing it

The anointing for instance, WILL NEVER increase if you are not willing to yield to the Holy Spirit, you must be WILLING to fast and pray, you MUST be WILLING to study the word…

Howard Carter said, “The working of miracles is a supernatural manifestation of the power of God that alters (that is, changes), suspends (that is, lays aside), or in some other way controls the laws of nature.”


We can change our world with these first 6gifts

And the last 3 is for the church

Gift of prophecy::

The main purpose of the gift of prophecy is Edification, Exhortation and Comfort….1 Cor 14:3

The gift of prophecy has no prediction

And its different from the gift of word of wisdom

The word of  wisdom has prediction and cud giv direction

The combination of tongues and interpretation of tongues equals the simple gift of prophecy

Verse 11 of first Corinthians said but ALL these gifts works by the same Holy Spirit, who divides it to EVERY MAN severally as He wills

The Holy Spirit is the giver and thank God All the gifts work

There are ministry gifts also but our major concern today is on the gifts alone

How we can covet them

This is the truth:::

Covet earnestly the best gifts.

If u know the kind of ministry God has given you. 

U must covet the gifts that pertain to that office

A teacher or pastor can covet the word of Knowledge, word of wisdom and even gifts of healings and prophecy

But all the three power gifts and revelational gifts may function in the ministry of the evangelist

To stand in d office of a prophet, you MUST function in the gift of prophecy, word of knowledge and wisdom

But a times discerning of spirits

MOST prophets hav an healing ministry

So prophets may flow many a times in healing anointing also

But every believer has at least one gift

Now covet is something that’s very wrong

If I say I covet someone’s car

Its like taking forcefully what belongs to another person

Pls sir!! Is playing instruments n singing a gift of d spirit?

Those ones are ministry gifta

Choir, ushers and d rest ar under d ministry gift of helps

But that’s not our focus tonight

So the same God who said don’t b covetous gave an exemption

U must not be covetous but wen it comes to d gifts be as covetous as u can

I have listened to adeboye many times, when he became a pastor, he wasn’t functioning in d gifts he needed

That’s what I meant wen I say, if u don’t get the gifts, u can go to God, stay there till u get it

Adeboye was extremely covetous, but he got it

Coveting is not just asking oh

Its taking it by force

U get before God, ask and keep asking till u see the manifestations

Coveting may take some times bcos God may want to check if u really need wat u said u need.. But the truth is dat, He knows u need them

But He wants to b sure u ar sure of what u ar asking

But it will definitely come

Someone can also lay hands on u to receive the gifts

But as I’ve said

For u to grow in them, u must be committed to God

Getting is more easier than even sustaining it

This is why u must make up ur mind to walk with God and work for God all d days of ur life

Its ur consistency and ur commitment that make it grow

Laying hands on u can get it into u

But u must grow in them

But there’s an important warning

Wigglesworth Said ” Do not seek the gifts unless you are purposed to abide in the Holy Spirit. They should be manifested only in the power of the Holy Spirit”.

Now we must know the difference BTW the gifts and power

While it is right to covet earnestly the best gifts, you must recognize that the all-important thing is to be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost Himself. You will never have trouble with people who are filled with the power of the Holy Ghost, but you will have a lot of trouble with people who have the gifts and have no power. The Lord wants us to come behind in no gift, but at the same time He wants us to be so filled with the Holy Ghost that it will be the Holy Spirit manifesting Himself through the gifts. Where the glory of God alone is desired you can look for every needed gift to be made manifest. To glorify God is better than to idolize gifts. We prefer the power of God to any gift..
Without Holiness, the power of the Holy Spirit won’t work through you.

Please understand that, the presence of spiritual gifts does not proof the level of spirituality of any man or woman. But the presence of the power can proof the level of your spirituality.

What helped me on time was that I got to know about the power before God opened my eyes to understand the gifts

 the gifts of the spirit can also be made manifest when you have the mighty power of the Holy Spirit and also note that it is possible to have the gifts without the power.

The only way that mighty power of the Holy Spirit can keep flowing through you is through a lifestyle of Holiness and personal relationship with God. I’ve seen men who have the power and are doing far more than those who have the gifts. Bcos to have the power, you have to be approved of God but the gifts can still remain in you even after you have backslided..
Now this is what I mean, there are men who have power with God, God literally commits Himself to these men, He gives them the authority to command a thing and see it happen, they share in that same power that God manifested at creation. These men may have the gifts function in their lives in a more dynamic way than those who don’t have power with God. Few example of men who have power with God:

Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, Jeremiah, Peter, Paul, Stephen, Woodworth Etter, Wigglesworth, Lester Sumrall, Kathryn Kuhlman, kenneth Hagin, Adeboye, Oritsejafor, Oyedepo, Enenche, David Ogbueli, etc…

Those who have power with God are literally clothed with God, God is there portion, nothing can harm them, they are placed over territories and kingdoms/nations to rule over.

How can you have power with God?

Its extremely simple but hard to do, it’s just RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD and to be SOLD OUT COMPLETELY TO GOD.

If I tell you the price to have power with God is cheap, I would be deceiving you. As simple as those two things are, it will only take grace and higher level of determination and consistency to obtain. I.e You press into God till God literally tells you “I commit myself to you, whenever you speak I’ll confirm it”. This is what it means to have power with God..

The power of God can be touched it is tangible, it is feelable

But you must pay the price to scale great heights…

This is the end of our teaching tonight… And my prayer is that we may not just covet the gifts alone, but that we enter into a covenant wit God

This is where the power lies

If u can press in, God will help u

May God give u d  grace to pay the price required

U will arrive there but u dnt have to give up bcos of ur weakness

Tell ur weakness, I’ll see ur end and rise to move on



Before we talk about Spiritual gifts, let’s talk about How God leads in this new testament and before we talk about How God leads, we must know the person of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is not a thing, He’s not a feeling, He’s not a dove, He’s not a fire but He can manifest Himself using all these.

The Holy Spirit is a person (John  14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that HE may abide with you *for ever*

Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth HIM not, neither knoweth HIM: but ye know HIM; for HE dwelleth with you, and shall be in you).

1 John  3:24 And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in him, and he in him. And hereby we know that HE ABIDETH IN US, BY THE SPIRIT which he hath given us.

After knowing He’s a person

And we must know He’s the one present here on earth

He’s everywhere at the same time.

 We now move to how God leads
 Is there any difference BTW Holy spirit and Holy ghost?
 Its d same


It’s just like saying God is great or God is mighty
 So we’ll move on to how God leads

And this is where I’ll like to dwell more

But how well you function in these gifts is determined by how well you can hear the voice of God.
*But how does God leads?*.

Until you know how God leads His children, you may never function properly in these gifts.

You can’t define the Holy Spirit, you can only describe Him, Based on His function

And personality

 – The primary way God leads His children is through the inner witness (Rom 8:14,16; John15:15; 10:4,27). 

*A times the voice of God speaking to your spirit may sound as if its coming from outside and a times it may be a still small voice.

 – The word: the word of God is the voice of God. If you don’t accept it, you may NEVER hear His leading voice in other areas.

 – Audible voice(this is rare but He does. And those who are called into certain ministries may receive their lunching out through His audible voice ) it’s like someone standing right behind or before you and speaking to you very loudly). Anybody can also be led by this way but in this dispensation, God leads more thru d inner witness

 – Vision(open vision, trance and dreams).

– Jesus may decide to pay you a visit by Himself. 

– Angels :He can choose to send an angel.

– God speaks through circumstances.

 – He speaks through association. Saul came in the midst of prophets and he began to prophesy. Some prophets and teachers were ministering to the Lord and the word of God came “separate unto me Paul and Barnabas. There are certain things you will NEVER know or see or experience until you associate yourself with certain believers.

I have been personally blessed this way beyond measure.. By your connection to this group, there’s an anointing that God can release on you if only you can believe. Coming in contact with some people can activate the voice of God over your life.

 There’s power in association, there’s a release on you when you connect with the grace God has given to someone else

 So the next thing we’ll look at is *How do you know what you’re hearing is God speaking?*

 First, it is very possible to bear the voice of God, because you’re a spirit, u have a soul and living in a body

 Everyone born of d flesh is flesh and everyone born of d Spirit  is spirit

God is a Spirit, if u are born again, U are a Spirit. Jesus said, my sheep HEARS my voice. So the points listed above is how God speaks but How will u know if its of God? It is possible to doubt if its God speaking wen you don’t have a relationship with Him…

 I’ve found out that some people got it right on time  while others have to build their relationship and covet it before they grow into hearing Him more. Whatever comes to u from God must:

– It must agree with the word of God. Even if you see Jesus in a vision, whatever He will tell you is ALWAYS in line with His word. Remember that the devil can appear as an angel of light, so you must test all spirits whether it be from God or not. I’ll advice that you should NEVER seek experiences if you’re not worded, seek God, He’ll give you experiences.. Some people have sought experiences and because of little knowledge of the word, the devil entertained them by familiar spirits. So whether you’re worded or not too worded, seek God by spending time with His word.
– It must bear witness with your spirit.

– It will always be to the glory of God

 – it will bring peace, God won’t condemn u, He can instruct u in order for u to repent..
So that’s the first phase of the teaching
The gifts of the spirit (charismata) are spiritual abilities given by the Holy Spirit to bless you and make you a blessing to others. These are not talents but special endowment by the Holy Spirit ..

Every believer has a gift whether they know it or not

1Cor. 12:1

    “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you to be ignorant” The major reason why we lack real and consistent manifestation of these gifts is due to ignorance. Ignorance means to lack experience and practical understanding or to ignore through lack of desire or interest.

– Believers must not remain ignorant of the Gifts of the Spirit, their proper use and their purpose.
 Other reasons why we don’t see them in manifestation is because of lack of love, unity, our motives are wrong, lack of humility, etc.

Sometimes when someone wants to function, the people rejects them and say “they have demons”. Yes there are counterfeit but we can’t because of counterfeit neglect the original.

But these gifts are free

They cost you nothing…. But growing in them will cost u something, I’ll tell u what that is before the lecture is over.

1Cor 12:7

“ But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal i.e every one born again and filled with the Holy Spirit has gift or gifts whether they know it or not”

Note that, this is not talent. God has given everyone a talent whether believers or unbelievers but the gifts are given ONLY to believers..

If you’re hungry and thirsty for more of Him, He’ll lead you to know how to get it and how to increase and maintain the flow. And after this message, a very vital word of instruction will be given if you must have more manifestations of these gifts and make heaven at last. Because there are many who will have these gifts and end in hell. You remember what Jesus said ” MANY WILL SAY, WE CAST OUT DEVILS IN YOUR NAME, WE DID THIS AND THAT, AND JESUS WILL SAY, DEPART FROM ME FOR I NEVER KNEW THEE”.

 It is one thing to be blessed by God and to be used mightily and it is another thing to stand before Jesus after your journey on earth to hear Jesus say “my son, well done, thou good and faithful servant”.. 

Remember, God can use anything including animals to bring to pass His purpose, so don’t think God has given you the gifts because you’re special. Everyone in the body of Christ has a gift whether they know it or not “the manifestation of the Spirit is GIVEN TO EVERY MAN…”

Note that, 

– A gift is not something you work for, it is what you receive. It is grace and they are simply received by faith and these gifts does not show how spiritual a man/woman is.
– The problem with these gifts not manifesting is not from the giver(God) but from we (the receiver), because The manifestation of the Spirit is GIVEN…..1Cor12:7. So we’re the ones who have problem receiving the gifts of the Holy Spirit..

Pls u can see the lists of the gifts in 1cor 12:7-11

The gifts of the Spirit are divided into three parts:
(to be continued….)


Everything in life was created with potential and possesses the potential principle. In every seed there is a tree…, in every bird a flock…, in every fish a school…, in every sheep a flock…, in every cow a herd…, in every boy a man…, in every girl a woman…, in every nation a generation. Tragedy strikes when a tree dies in a seed, a man in a boy, a woman in a girl, an idea in a mind. For untold millions, visions die unseen, songs die unsung, plans die unexecuted and futures die buried in the past. The problems of our world go unanswered because potential remains buried.
The Bible tells a story about talents and potential. The talents in the story are symbols of the vast store of abilities our Creator has planted within us. In the story, the master of the estate entrusts some of his wealth to three of his servants. The first man invests his talent and doubles the wealth the master had entrusted to his care. The second servant also doubles what the master had given him. With them the master is very pleased. Finally the master turns to the third servant and asks, “What have you done with your talent?” The servant answered, “I was afraid to misuse the talent, so I carefully hid it. Here it is. I am giving it back to you in the same condition that I received it.” In fury the master rebuked his servant, “You wicked and lazy servant. How dare you not use the gifts I gave to you?” The master then said, “Take my money from him and throw this useless fellow into the street.”
We are responsible for the potential stored within us. We must learn to understand it and effectively use it. Too often our successes prevent us from seeking that which yet lies within us. Success becomes our enemy as we settle for what we have. Refuse to be satisfied with your last accomplishment, because potential never has a retirement plan. Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. In essence, what you see is not all there is.



  An important key to building a strong team is being open to new and different ideas. One of your greatest dangers as you become older (or more successful) is  that your thinking can become institutionalized; which is just another word for ‘fossilized’. To remain successful you must create an environment in which the free exchange of information and ideas takes place. If people had not been permitted to trying things we’d still be traveling by horse and carriage, dinning by candlelight, and dying a lot earlier from preventable diseases. It’s said that knowledge is doubling every five to ten years. That lets us know how much we didn’t know; when we thought we knew it all.
  ‘Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains understanding.’ We must honour what we’ve learned by building on it, but we never stop asking, ‘Is there a better way? ‘ Champions don’t ease up because they’re ahead of the competition; they’re still accelerating as they cross the finish line. The competition keeps you sharp. You need them. 
  Irish singer Bono said something worth noting: ‘I would be terrified to be on my own as a solo singer…I surround myself with…a band, a family of every spunky kids, and a wife who’s smarter than anyone…you’re only as good as the argument you get. So maybe the reason why the band hasn’t split up is that people might get this: even though I’m only one quarter of U2,  I’m more than I could be if I was one whole of something else.’ Solomon put it this way: ‘As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpen…his friend’ (Proverbs 27:17 NKJV).



  Many of us would rather settle for achieving less, than put up with ‘people-problems.’ But fulfilling a great dream usually means having a great team. And great teams are made up of people with strenghts, and weaknesses. God seldom calls us to do the job alone; He calls others to stand with us. So, do you know who belongs in your life?
  Jesus chose twelve disciples to help Him fulfil His mission on earth. One of them doubted Him, one denied Him and one betrayed Him. Yet He called them, knowing what they were; and could become. After listing hardships that would make your worst day look like ‘a walk in the park,’ Paul writes, ‘Besides everything else, I face daily the pressure of…all the churches’ (2 Cor.11:28 NIV). How did Paul evangelise Asia, guide the church and write half the New Testament? Through a team; he introduces them in Romans 16. Let’s look at one of his team-building secrets. It’s called:
  LOVE. If you don’t genuinely care about people they’ll sense it and they won’t stay with you. If you’ve a turnover in your relationships, that could be your problem. Even your best team members will go through times that affect their performance. Jeremiah got so stressed out that he wanted to quit the ministry and go into the motel business (Jeremiah 9:2). Paul advise his right-hand man Timothy to ‘use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses’ (1 Timothy 5:23 NIV). Here’s a helpful prescription for the stress that goes with people-problems. Write it down on a 3*5 card and read it regularly. ‘Love cares more for other than for self.’


Walking on the road of preparation
With the hope of getting to the land of glorification
Board a bus to aid transportation
Concentrate not and not a concern of destination

Still in my journey of no anticipitation
Feel so relax with all forms of temptation
Having no time for any consideration
Till I get to the destination

Oh my God! There is misinterpretation
Boarded bus not to glorification but, condemnation
No wonder, there has been a lot of deprivation
With the devil being the consultation

Then come the deep cry for salvation
Praying my life can still enjoy beautification
Putting aside all this damnation
For the land called glorification

At last! An answer to my supplication
Comes my lord with a voice of acclamation
No more need for condemnation
Retrace your step with the bus of restoration

For your mourning will be joy, the declaration
For your ashes beauty, the pronunciation
Shame turning into glory, the confirmation
All in the bus of restoration.