There was a day I was reading a yoruba book, a story of a mouse and its babes. One of the babies told their mother that it wanted to play outside the hole, but it was not too long before it left the hole that it rushed in again trembling. The mother asked in fearful Voice the reason of its trembling. The mouse baby said "I saw an animal, a beautiful one indeed; it has a shinning body with a shinning eyes and a long tail. I love the animal so much an I love to be its friend and follow it. But suddenly a bird made a fearful noise that made me to tremble. The fearful voice from this bird did not allow me to enjoy the company new friend, so I rushed inside the hole.
The mouse thank God and told its baby that the animal it saw was cat and the animal is their enemy but not their friend. The mouse told its baby that if it continued playing with it within some seconds, the animal will kill it.
But the bird was not your enemy, it only assisted you not to be killed by the animal, it was the noise and fearful voice made by this bird that saved you for being killed by that animal. Although, the loud voice of the truth gospel preachers and soul-winners is disturbing you, but they are after your soul for salvation it maybe you are a church leader or you occupy a special position in your church. Don’t think that this is the end.
Remember this Bible references Ephesians 5:10; IICorinthians 13:5. Many people love playing with their enemies and hate following their friends JESUS CHRIST IS YOUR FRIEND John. 15:13-15. He has laid down His life for everybody to follow. For He(Jesus) has died for the whole world.

If have everything in this world without Jesus, you are most to be pitied. ICorinthians 15:19.
Ways for wayout.
Note this calculation: Note your sin (Psalms 51:1-2) + Confess your sin (Psalms 32:3) and repent + accept God’s forgiveness (Psalms 32:1-2) + have a joyful experience (Psalms 32:11) equal TO EVERLASTING JOY (Here. 3:13; Job 11:13-15; Ephesians 2:8; John 3:16; 18; Romans 10:8-10).



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