1. It is better to remain single than to marry a bad wife/a bad husband. A happy single life is better than a sad married life.
2. In most cases, change takes place during courtship and not in marriage. If you cannot change your partner during courtship, do not expect any magic in marriage. In most cases, a bad character in courtship is worst in marriage.
3. A bad marriage is like hell on earth. Never you manage to marry somebody.
4. It is better to be single and wish to get married than to be married and wish to be single. God forbid.
5. Marry an imperfect person who is willing to work on his/her imperfection. This is the only type of person you can be patient with and also tolerate; not a person who does not take correction and therefore, not willing to change.
6. The biggest regret on earth is to regret why you married someone.
7. The biggest mistake on earth is to marry a wrong person you cannot cope with.
8. Do not play with marriage issue. This is because in marriage, you will spend the rest of your life with your spouse. So it is either you spend the rest of your life in pains and sadness and die a premature death or in happiness and joy and live long. Think about this.


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