The word ‘FEAR’ brings to mind screaming at a scary movie, sky diving or statistically one of the biggest fears—public speaking. But I’m talking about a different kind of fear. It’s the fear that is often hidden—the fear deep inside that makes us choose the status quo over a change that we know is needed. This fear keeps us from moving forward, making the right decision or even helping ourselves.
So how does fear show up? It’s alive and well every day if we can see it. At work and in careers, fear can look like:
*. Not speaking up with an idea because you might look stupid
*. Never asking for advice or help because you it will look like you don’t have the answers
*. Staying at the same company too long because the uncertainty is worse
*. Not wanting to call attention to yourself because it’s safer to blend in
*. Avoiding a recommendation that you know your boss won’t agree with
*. Avoiding something new because you don’t understand it.
The acronyms for the word ”FEAR”


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