Daniel 9:1-27, GRACE, PRAYER & FAITH
GRACE releases God’s provisions for your life, PRAYERS makes you sensitive and strategically connects you to the place of supply/provisions; whiles, FAITH gives you a divine access to God’s provisions at the right place.
There are laws of divine engagements we must work with to live a kingdom life on earth.
Dear one, if you fail to pray, you disconnect yourself from being spiritually sensitive to connect to God and His provisions for your life.
And, if you fail to build your faith through God’s word; then, you’ll fail to receive God’s provisions on earth.
It takes Grace for God to release a supply from the heavens, but it takes faith for man to receive what Grace has supplied in the spirit realms.
If you pray more without building your faith, you will be connected to God’s place of provisions, but fail to possess your legal possessions for lack of the required faith, a kingdom key to accessing the supplies of Grace on our lives.
Finally, faith without a prayer life automatically disconnects you from the right place of God’s provisions. Such people regardless of their level of faith lacks kingdom supplies for lack of a prayer life that connects one to the place of divine provisions.
The law of demand and supply is such that we put a demand on God through prayers and faith in His word with others kingdom factors, while God supplies His needs to us on the premises of GRACE.
Dear one, learn to balance your spiritual life on earth – grow your faith and develop a regular prayer life on earth.
All that we need for our destiny assignments on earth has been supplied by God through Grace within the realm of the spirit which is daily provoked on earth by the level of our faith in God’s word and prayers – other kingdom principles are additives to our faith in God.


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