Esther won a beauty contest, married a king, live in a palace, uncovered a plot to exterminate the Jewish people and saved them. Her story shows us the importance of being in the right place, and being influenced by the right people. So:
1) Where You Are Today Is No Accident. Mordecai, Esther’s mentor, challenged her and changed her life by saying, ‘who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?’ Esther didn’t set out to be queen, but once she was, she had to decide between he comfort and her calling. It’s a choice we all make. ‘What’s my calling?’ you ask. It could involve your job, your marriage, your tasks as a parent, your friendships. It could involve the neighbourhood where you live or volunteering at your church. One thing is certain: when God calls, it’s ‘your time.’ ‘We’re tempted to think we’re ‘treading water’ right now, waiting for some other time or more important opportunity. No, you don’t get to choose your time; God does that! The Psalmist said, ‘My times are in thy hand’ (Psalm 31:15).
2) God Sends Special People To Guide Us. Without Mordecai in her life Esther might never have understood her calling. And without his help she might never have embraced it. So, who’s your Mordecai? Who knows you well enough to help clarify your calling? Who loves you enough to challenge you when you get off track, or strengthen you when you want to quit and turn back? Not one of us is a composite of all of life’s virtues; we all have blind spots and weaknesses. That’s why God sends others; and why we need them!


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