Silence is the lack of any sound; it is to make someone or something silent.
Silent can be discovered in ones life if he can’t speak at the time he supposed to response to a matter threaten.
There are many situation in this world that is requesting us to be silence.
If we don’t silence in time of trials and persecution, we tends to have someone to help and lift us up.
The BLIND MAN did not silent in his situation; he takes steps before he finds Jesus to help him.
Verse 35.
He sat by the way side begging; didn’t stay at home sleeping.
He hear the multitude and asked what is meant.
If you ask you shall get answer.
He cried out; though he was rebuked but he cried out more: never be discourage, never be silence.
His cried was heard, if he did not rebuked, Jesus might not have heard him ,but challenges led him to his success.
Another challenge for the blind man is that: Jesus asked him “What can I do for you? ”
Define your problems, situation, trials, e.t.c.
He said “that I may regain my sights” he didn’t perceived that God has knew my problem, he define it.
After this, he receive answer and solution to his problem.
At the end, he glorified God and people who has rebuked him before, now rejoice with him. If he has succumbed to their silence before, they are the one also to mock him. c
No matter your condition people will something or the other to say about you, just be optimistic in your way.
Let God be your guidance and you will pass through your challenges and at the end give praise to God almighty.


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