Luckily,you can change your thinking patterns over time. Even a pessimist can become an optimist with enough practice! All you need to do is to reframe how you define events.Instead of dwelling on the bad experience,analyze it to figure out what good can come of it. Even if a project at work is deemed a failure,think about what you learned during the process. What strengths did you discover within yourself,and when can you use those talents again? Instead of blaming yourself for the failure,think about the outside influences that may have affected your project.Maybe you were delayed by outside vendors,so you couldn’t meet a deadline.Virtually any failure can be turned into a learning experience,which increases your potential for success in the future. Optimism is a skill of emotional intelligence, which translates to a better career and greater success in life. Life is too short to be miserable,so start turning your thinking around! Positive thoughts, to advance your relationship and other life experiences.


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