4. Christ, our peace, has reconciled to God as a body both the Jews and Gentiles (including all groups of people in the world) Verse 16.
All humans are God’s enemies because our sins have separated us from God. But Christ came into the world to die for our sins in order to bring us back to God (Rom. 5:6-10). This reconcilatory work of Christ not person by person or group, but as a single Body of Christ, is another rationale to working for the peace of the church.
5. Peace is the gospel message that Christ preached to all, irrespective of nationality or any other human differences (Verse 17-18).
Christ is called the Prince of Peace. The gospel is all about peace-peace with God and peace with men. As Jesus resurrected, His first word to His disciples was about peace (luke 24:36; John 20:19,21,26). Peace is the gospel message Christ preached, so if truly we are disciples of Christ, we must preach the same, both in words and actions. True disciple of Christ must not be promoters of anything that is the opposite of peace.


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