The scope of Christ’s work as our peace is the rationale for every believer to work for the peace of his or her local church and denomination. This scope is in the following dimensions:
1. Jesus, our peace has made the two groups of the Jews and Gentiles one and, by extension all groups which any local church of denomination can be divided into (Verse 14): This is confirmed in Gal.3:28: There is neither Jews nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus (NIV).
Therefore, there is nothing like Jews or Gentile Christians, again; all are Christians. Same is applicable to today’s Church; for all human distinctions (in whatever form) were already nailed to the cross.
2. Christ, our peace, has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility (Verse 14): This does not refer to a physical barrier of the Mosaic Law that separated the Israelites from other nations. For the Israelites the wall of hostility had to do with the law, but today it is more of the wall of racism, ethnic distinctions/learnings, social status, clergy/laity dichotomy, spirituality/carnality dichotomy, etc. Jesus has, however, destroyed all these wall. So, for anyone to effectively work for peace, he or she must be conscious of the fact that the walls of hostility have been destroyed.
3. Christ, our peace, has a definite purpose of creating, in Himself, one new humanity out of any existing groups of humanity (Verse 15): The purpose of God is that once someone is in Christ, he or she is the same as others and belongs to single group of believers. Through Christ, God has joined people from all races, ethnic and social backgrounds together. This is what we call the church. Thus, everyone must be welcomed and treated equally, without racial, ethnic, and social consideration. This is the purpose of Christ for the Church. The implication of this is that anytime a believer is working in any way against the oneness and peace of the church, he or she is actually working against the purpose of God.


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