Like everyone else I set out for journey of life
Journey to the city of destiny
Whose compound is surrounded with success
My aim, my ambition, my hope and my destination

The journey is not as smooth as I thought
The road to the place called destiny
Full of disappointment, failure and challenges
If I had known I won’t have started before

One thing struck me as I journey on
The people we started together have left me

I thought of following their path
But alas! The same became wilderness

At the junction of greatness
where my competence was to be put on test
All effort one can think of all wisdom,
qualification acquired
But all to no avail

Still at the junction of greatness with sorrows of life
Those behind me have already cross
Those we started together are already
shining as gold for the world to see

In my helpless and depressed situation
Salvation came across as a side attraction
I grabbed the offer without waiting
Hmm the joy of salvation, the joy of liberty

As I continue in the journey
With Holy Spirit as my co-traveller
Soon I reached all I have lost.


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