And He Said Unto Them, Which Of You Shall Have A Friend, And Shall Go Unto Him At Midnight, And Say Unto Him, Friend Lend Me Three Loaves; For A Friend Of Mine In His Journey Is Come To Me, And I Have Nothing To Set Before Him? And He From Within Shall Answer And Say, Trouble Me Not: The Door Is Now Shut, And My Children Are With Me In Bed; I Cannot Rise And Give Thee. I Say Unto You, Though He Will Not Rise And Give Him, Because He Is His Friend, Yet Because Of His Importunity He Will Rise And Give Him As Many As He Needeth (Luke 11:5-8).

God’s nature is to give exceedingly, abundantly, and in excess of what you could ever ask or think. He makes provision and adequate supply for His kids according to His riches in glory. He gives in overflowing measure. Being born again, we’ve received the same divine ability to go the extra mile in our giving, for we have the nature of God.
Love requires that you go the extra mile and do more than you have to. Rebecca went beyond the request of Abraham offered the better part of the land to his cousin Lod (Genesis 13:5-12).
In our opening verse, Jesus pointed out that even the natural man can make an extra effort to help his friend. You have to move beyond the ordinary, having the consciousness of doing everything to the glory of God. When you show love to your brother or sister in the Lord, you’re actually doing it unto the Lord. Jesus said, “And Whosoever Shall Give To Drink Unto One Of These Little Ones A Cup Of Cold Water Only In The Name Of A Disciple, Verily I Say Unto You, He Shall In No Wise Lose His Reward” (Matthew 10:42).
Your attitude should be one of going the extra mile; putting in extra effort and going the extra distance for others. That’s love. It gives more than is required: “And Whosoever Shall Compel Thee To Go A Mile, Go With Him Twain” (Matthew 5:41). Learn to stretch yourself beyond your limits. You’ll be blessed for going beyond the expectation of others to show them love.


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