Behold, I Have Given Him For A Witness To The People, A Leader And Commander To The People (Isaiah 55:4).

Leadership is taking responsibility. Simply put, responsibility means ability to respond. “Ability” in this context doesn’t refer to energy, but to authority or the willingness to respond. Let me give you a very simple example.
Let’s say you come into a place; perhaps your room or your office, and notice that a particular painting that ought to be hanging on the wall has slumped. It immediately gets your attention and you take the necessay action to reposition it rightly. That’s showing responsibility. If you walk away, ignoring the dissonance, it means you didn’t show responsibility.
It’s like coming into a place where you’re supposed to have a meeting. And all the chairs, instead of being arranged,are scattered;don’t ignore them. Go ahead and arrange them rightly. That’s taking responsibility. By so doing, you’re bringing a vital success ingredient into your character. Someone else may say, “But I didn’t notice that the chairs were not arranged; that’s why I didn’t do anything.” Now, that’s the real trouble. That’s why it’s called “response-ability”; the ability to see and act. Some people don’t see, therefore, they don’t act. That’s the meaning of “irresponsibility”; the inability to see and respond.
Taking responsibility means seeing what need to be done and responding accordingly. This is a fundamental principle of success. Success,victory and prosperity belong to those who recognize a human need,and reach out to meet that need. To become mature is to become responsible; it’s to volunteer to get the job done! This is what distinguishes you as a leader.
A leader is one who has the ability to respond,because leadership is the assumption of responsibility of guidance,control,directing,following the burden of higher intelligence, superior knowledge or information. Leadership doesn’t mean bossing others around; it’s taking responsibity; being in service to God and to your fellowman and society.


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