Visionnary leaders are builders of a new dawn. They work imagination. They possess powerful insight, drive and boldness. We may ponder on what make a visionary person becomes a visionary leader. A visionary person may dream wonderful visions of the future and articulate them. He is potent in verbal expression and captivating as well . He may be an orator in his own right an his idea arrestive. However, a visionary leader is good with expression and implementaion. He is excellent both in action and words. More than words are needed in visionary leadership.
A visionary leader is effecive in manifesting his vision or dream. He creates specific measurable, achievable, reliable an testable (SMART) goals. He initiates action and enlists participation of others.
Vision entails energy. It brings force and resoluteness into play. What is perceived must be translated to reality. Visionary leadership “increases efficiency by moving decision making responsibility to the frontline. Efficiency is achieved with limited supervision. To make frontline responsibility effective leadership must give workers opportuniy to develop quality decision making skills and learn to trust them.”
We have to go through this explanatory pain so that it would not be misconstrue.


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