Life is sweet and very meaningful. We live making plans, having goals and purposses to make life better. We go to schools, strive to get degrees to enhance our living standards. We get jobs, we leave some jobs for better ones. Young men and women earn good income, those in contracts make good profit, those in politics make it. All of a sudden you hear that he’s dead or she died. What! Why! But there was no plan to die now.
In the midst of great achievement death struck. Someone just finished serving at the National Younth Service and died. What is this? There is a step between life and death.
Some suffer deprivation, hunger and paing and all of a sudden he/she is dead. If you take that step now where will you appear? In whose camp will you be received? God’s heaven or satan’s hell? No one plans for death unless the suicide bombers. It is a step between life and death. When people draw out their plans they don’t make provision for death but they still die.
If you want to be receive by God’s heaven, Jesus is the way to get there. Put your life into Jesus hand by receiving Him into it as your Lord and Saviour. There is no other way outside Jesus. He told emphatically.
“I am the way the truth and the life no man comes to the father except by me” John 14:6.
But if it’s the devil’s hell sinning is the way. Jesus died to take away the sins that separate man from God. Now you can boldly come to God the faher by confessing:

“Father, I am a sinner. I surrender my life into Jesus hand. I receive Him as my Lord and Saviour. I receive the forgiveness and cleansing in the blood of Jesus. Have mercy on my soul. Give me your Holy Spirit to love and serve you forever in Jesus name”.


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