The story of true love at sub-atomic level:
Once upon a time,there was an atom called Chlorine.The most happiest atom in the world,she had a slim attractive nucleus with only 17 protons and 18 neutrons in it (unlike her tubby sister, iodine who had 53 protons and 74 neutrons). Around this nucleus she had 17 electrons beautifully arranged in 3 energy levels two in her first layer, eight in her second layer and seven in her third.
Yet for some reason she was never happy.She always felt excitable and on edge, as if she was missing something, why? Oh why did she feel like this? Other atoms, lie her next door Argon always seemed to relaxed and calm. “why are you so stable,Argon?” asked Chlorine on Monday evening as they sat down for a drink in a bar. No matter what I do, I can never seeem settle down” “what you need”, replied Argon “is a good metal” “what do you mean a good metals?” Exclaimed Chlorine.
I haven’t noticed you running after any of them” Ah,said Argon in her usual superior ways,that’s because I have a full outer energy level. You only have seven electrons in yours that’s why you feel the way you do.
Now any detected metal will sort out your problems for you. Personally, haven’t always have a soft spot for alkali metals. “They are so exiting and reactive” Chlorine said nothing, but though long hard about what Argon had said to her.
The next Friday, she plucked up her courage, arranged he electrons as well as she could and headed for the local single’s bar.
Sure enough,later that evening through sodium’s walking she already know him by sight: he was one of the wilder elements of the neighbourhood.He too was feeling restless, could it be because of His single outside electron?
He looked aronund the bar, their eyes meet. …it was love a first sight! and Sodium gave chlorine his outer shell electron.”At last my darlin” she sighed as she greatfully accepted the electron. Now they both remain stable,relaxed and happy.


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