The sinner in this heart begins to respond to the love and judgement of God. The Holy Spirit has been convicting of sin and judgement to come. He has been inviting the sinners to look to Jesus for salvation. Prayers have been ascending to the throne of grace; many times not through lip, but through a cry of despair coming from deep within his soul. Though outwardly there is apparent liberty, within there is bondage to a cruel and tormenting taskmaster. The God of Heaven and earth has noted this condition; He hears and will respond to the cry for help (Exsodus 3:7). By grace from God the Creator, the heart is receiving light and understanding-light to see its sins as they are illuminated by the Holy Scriptures and understanding to receive the Word of God and accept it by faith. Anxiety prevail this heart.
This sinful heart recognizes himself as vile before God. He realizes he has nothing with which to appease the wrath of God which awaits him. He realizes that his wounds stink and are corrupt because of his foolish life(Provebs 38:5). He cries out like the jailer in Acts 16:30, “Sirs,what must I do to be saved?” As he recognizes the depravity of his heart he cries out, “God be merciful to me a sinner”(Luke 18:13).
The word of God offers hope and condemns sin.It comes as a light penetrating the darkened heart.The brightness and presence of God’s authoritative Word drives the devil with his proud, vile, and unclean spirits from this heart. As he retreats, the devil, with his evil spirits, resists the tries to hide in the recesses of this heart, endeavouring to cover many sins from the probing eyes of God.
As this heart yields to gentle embrace of Jesus, its Saviour, it suddenly beholds the cross: so shameful in its splendor! He beholds the Son of God hanging, wounded and bleeding. His garments taken from Him, shamed and reviled, He is lifted up for all the world to see. Though sinless and pure, He is hanging between thieves. “He was numbered with the trangressors” (Isaiah 53:12).e bri


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