Coveteousness, which is to desire something that belongs to another, rears its head. it beholds the possession of others and lusts for them. It endeavors to obtain them, or something similar, through legitimate or illegitimate means. The intent of the ungodly is to accumulate earthly treasures. This sin leads to a condition such as that of the rich man in Luke 16:19-31. This man opened his eyes in hell and pled for a drop of water to cool his burning tongue.
Slothfulness (represented by the turtle), indifference, procrastination, and laziness are temptations or sins in this heart. Too lazy to work and labor honestly with his own hands, he covets the things which others have (Proverbs 21:25,26).
Witchcraft, horoscopes, astrology, and seances are craftly as a spider and are used to guide the heart that is void of the Holy Spirit. God despises these sources of Satanic influece, for they can do nothing for the sinner’s heart but further the deceit and corruption already there (Isaiah 47:12-15).
Hatred and cruelty break out, many times in the form of a vile temper. Anger and revenge is sought, often in the name of justice. Psalm 37:8 comands us to put these sins away. Yet the sinner’s heart is unable to love unselfishly. It may be able to contain these cruel spirits for a time, yet soon they break out in their fury and destructiveness. The result is sorrow, heartbreak, pain, and even death. Jealosy, envy, and ill will control this heart, bringing misery, unhappiness, and sorrow in to the lives of others.
Pride lifts its ugly head in this heart in its vain and conceited ways. Caring little for the feelings and wellbeing of its fellow men, it seeks only its own welfare. It adorns itself in the worldly beauties of self-respect, education, fashions, material possessions, fame, honor, arrogance, highmindedness, self-righteousness, and its own rights. It is easily offended and hurt and carries grudges. When not well regarded by others, it seeks way of injuring and disturbing….


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