…Remember The Words Of The Lord Jesus, How He Said, It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive(Acts 20:35).

I want to challenge you today about your life and ministry as an individual. What kind of life are you living? Are you in the world just to collect from others or do you think there’s something in you to give? In life, you must give before you take, for giving precedes receiving. Some people don’t receive because they’re not good givers. Every good giver is a good receiver.
If you’ve always had people give to you, and you’ve never been challenged to give to others, you’re on the wrong path. You might say, “But I don’t even have a home. I have no job; I even have to beg to eat; what could I possibly have in me to give to someone else?” I want you to know that even in that predicament you can still be a blessing.
God is not so concerned about you getting a house, a car or a job. He can give you all that and more in the heartbeat. What He is more concerned about is what you’ve done with the love and the life that He’s given you. How much of His light in you is shining on others? Success is neither about money nor how popular you are in society. Rather, it’s the ability to put that which the Lord has given to work, so that others may benefit through your light.
Therefore, quit saying, “I have no job; I have no house; I have no one to help me or give to me.” What has God given you? Do you have peace in your heart? Is there love in you? Do you think God loves you? Are you glad about it? Then go share that with someone else. There’s people who don’t even know God loves them. Share with them the love of God that you’ve experienced. Wake up an become somebody.




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