The average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime. That’s about one-third of your waking time on this earth.
In my experience, if you hate your job, there’s a good chance you hate your life. I don’t want that for you. In my opinion, work is sacred. It’s something you should love.
Here are few scary statistics job haters should look out for:
1: If You Hate Your Job, You’ll Be Sick:
More Often
Many people believe workplace stress derives from being too busy at work or working too many hours, but stress studies are changing these assumptions.
2. If You Hate Your Job, You’ll Likely Gain Weight:
Hating your job and gaining weight are very common. Researchers have proven that an unhappy work life steals the energy required to fulfill a healthy lifestyle.
3. If You Hate Your Job, You Might Get A Divorce:
The hardest part of hating your job is that it never ends. You feel trapped and the energy needed to find another solution seems overpowering!.


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