Sleeping is very good to the body; it gives the body system rest and makes every nerves and vein to relax. sleeping is as good as deadly poison to christian journey to heaven. A christian who is supposed to open the spirit eyes widely that sleeps is a living dead in the spiritual realm.
Eutychus, while Paul and others were busy sharing the word of God was sleeping. The first thing that calls my attention is that he sat on the window while other was sitting in the room,on a stool or benches (Acts 20:9). Carelessly for him, he fell into deep sleep and he fell to the ground from the third story and was picked up dead (Acts 20:9-10).
Are you in the right place with God? Are you not sitting on the windows or on the fence in the presence of God? It could be dangerous for you to sit on the window. Why sleeping? Brethren, wake up!


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