Lots of people think you can obtain the fullness of the Spirit in the same way as you fill a bottle with champagne! You can then carefully cork it up, stick an attractive label on yourself, and go around for the rest of your life, saying: ‘I got it in such and such a year’! but what is the use of a bottle in your cellar or even on the table, unless it is broken open and its contemts are poured out?
No, it just isn’t possible to have the fullness of the Holy Spirit like that. Solomon was right when he said that the heaven and the heaven of heavens could not contain God(2chr.6:18) and a mere human being certainly can’t! We can only experience the fullness of God in so far as we allow His Spirit to pour through us. the human soul is nothing like a bottle! It is more like a pipe or an electric wire; or, better still, we can say it resembles a moumtain torrent or a river. A river, to be a river, must fulfil two conditions: it must receive its water ceaselessly from the highland springs and at the same time give it out continously into the valley below. We, in the same way, can only be filled with the Spirit of God as we receive this fullness direct from on high moment by moment. And as we communicate it, given it out to the world around us. God intends us to be a river not a pound! A canal, not a bottle!


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