So, as the Spirit of God breathes upon you, He speaks into your soul the very thought of God’s heart; acting thus upon you, He fashions the image of Christ in your own consciousness. His first desire is to reveal Christ to you; after that, He wants to express Him through you. For, once you have accepted the light, you yourself become a source of light. God begins to radiate outwards through your life; you become a reflection of His love.
When you open your heart to God, His Spirit enters. Just as the light of spring causes the earth to spring into flower, just as a girl’s face can overturn the heart of a young man when the revealation of love dawns upon him, so the Holy Spirit engenders the very life of Christ in you as He breaks into your soul. Before that, you were dead in your sins,(Eph.2:1) but the next moments your dead spirit revives; you are born from above, your soul receives sight, and you find yourself contemplating the miracle of eternal beauty. You begin to look straight into the face of God. You are a baby just born into the kingdom of light, you are the youngest member of God’s family!
A real miracle has come to pass in you, the miracle that God calls the new birth. It is the beginning of eternal life. And all this, the New Testament teaches, is the work of the Holy Spirit. It is He who creates the likeness of Christ in your soul. It is He who writes the law of God into your heart, and transforms your whole concept of life. It is He who engenders the love of God in you, and who reveals the glory of God to you in the face of Jesus Christ. You are beginning to understand the meaning of heaven in your own experience.


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