Greek philosophy exalted the ‘soul’ above everything else. But, as God sees it, the soul of man is dead – unless it possesses what the Bible calls ‘spirit’. The ‘natural’ man, even at his best, and even if he is the greatest scientific genius, is incapapable of understanding the things of God because they can be discerned only spiritually. He lacks that spiritual sense which would enable him to know God, Who is Spirit. His soul’s upreach is limited by a ‘ceiling’ of spiritual unconsciousness beyond which he cannot penetrate.
In the Bible, the word SOUL (in Hebrew nephesh; Greek psyche) means ‘breath’, just as does the word SPIRIT (Hebrews rouach; Greek pneuma). But God sets them in such complete contrast that he does not hesitate to describe wisdom that is merely intellectual and lacks love as earthly, ‘soulish’ (Greek psychike), and ‘demoniacal’ (Greek daimoniodes). On the other hand, the soul of the child of God becomes impregnated, through his reborn spirit, by the action of the Spirit of God progressively enlightening and transforming the thinking-process of the soul.
So a solution does exist to the problem of your inner conflict, but it is a miraculous one. The new birth itself is miraculous; it is the beginning of eternal life, and eternal life is an unending miracle.


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