Seest Thou A Man Diligence In His Business? He Shall Stand Before Kings; He Shall Not Stand Before Mean Men (Proverbs 22:29).

Diligence means giving the required attention and care for excellence and perfection in fulfilling one’s responsibilities. A diligent person puts his best into what he or she does, paying attention to details with the sole purpose of attaining pefection. The theme verse says if you’re diligent, you’ll stand before kings and not ordinary men; that’s promotion. That means being diligent will bring you into places of influence and honour.
The Bible shows us David as an example of a diligent young man. The responsibility to tend sheep, given to him by his father, seemed menial in comparison with those of his brothers, who were in the army. But David faithfully and diligently took care of the sheep, so much so that when he had to run other errands, the Bible specifically records that he wass careful enough to leave the sheep in the care of a keeper (1 Samuel 17:20).
The diligent never lacks: “He Becometh Poor That Dealeth With A Slack Hand: But The Hand Of The Deligent Maketh Rich” (Proverbs 10:4). God will bless whatever you do and give you the advantage if you’re faithful and diligent. As a politician, civil sevant, businessperson or a student, be diligent; and you’ll be ahead of your peers and competitors.
The Bibles says, “The Hand Of The Diligent Shall Bear Rule: But The Slothful Shall Be Under Tribute” (Proverbs 12:24). That means the man who is diligent will always be the boss of the one who is not. Ensure perfection in what you do and be forthright. Faithfully and diligently execute assigned tasks and don’t despise the responsibilities given to you, irrespective of how “menial” they might seem, and the Lord will surely promote you: “He That Is Faithful In That Which Is Least Is Faithful Also In Much: And He That Is Unjust In The Least Is Unjust Also In Much” (Luke 16:10).



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