“It became clear that there are things that must happen to me as a youth if I will not live my adult years in regret.”
However,the time of youth is also the period of making choices.Choices that will mark your life out for greatness and glory or perpectual failure and defeat are made when you are young.
The unfortunate thing about these choices is that whether they were made consciously or unconsciously,they are often irreversible.
The time of youth is not only one of making choices;>It is also the time of laying foundation for every aspect of future life i.e careers,marriage.>It is a time of tremedious strenght and energy,a time of freshness: This time of your youth is a crucial time that determines what happen for the rest of your life.>It is also the time of warfare:This is when you pitch your tent on which ever side you choose in the battle of life. And you choose either God or Satan.
God is out,mercifully looking for you,so that you will make Him your choice,but devil is also fighting hard against!


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