The wind whips my mane like cold fire.
Gallop across the earth with nothing in my mind but freedom.
I am free and I am wild.
I cannot be tamed.
My breath is beginning to get shallow.
I’ve been running for so long.
My pace is still the same.
The solid rhythm turns to hollow thuds.
I leap over the brush to escape.
The beast is after me.
I was born here and I know the land well.
I can outrun any predator without misplacing a step.
This time is different and change makes my heart skip a beat.
This beast is mounted on a brother and is coming fast.
I slowly start to hear an echoing to my foot steps.
Suddenly I have a new found strength and I surge ahead
I turn and weave and follow secret paths.
Until I am out of breath out of site.
Shudder racks my body as I walk towards a pool of water.
I drink deeply and when I’m satisfied I face my feats.
That was close.
I have known life this way all along.
I cannot bear to think of what my life would be like, without running free.


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