Do not forget that you are uniquely and wonderfully made. Remember that there is a treasure(s) deposited in you which you have to find out, find them out and materialize them. An adage says that “the sky is the limit for someone who aims higher but i will say that Sky is the starting point for someone who aims higher”.
Once you find them and materialize them surely your life must change. Be yourself and not an imitation of someone else. Find your strenght and use them positively. Do not listen to those who ridicule the choise you make.
Rather travel the road that you have chosen and do not look back with regret. Remember that there is a lot of time to travel another road and still another in your journey through life.
Moreso, take time to find the rate that is right for you, you wil learn something valuable and meaningful from every trip you make or take, so do not be afraid of making mistake. The important thing is learning from the mistake you made and do the correction.


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