Most times, I ask myself if this guy is human or a ghost. Always the first to get to class and no one can boldly say whom the last person is, but most times we know the second to the last. People like these, have no time of themselves I thought, but not in “Faraday’s” case as he’s popularly called. He’s one of the most versatile person I have met on earth; so vast and extreme genius, social and highly friendly; sincerely, if you don’t love him then it’s because you’ve not met him.
In this age where results are not pasted on bills, no one could actually say what his results are, but if some of his comments and test results were to go by, Then nothing would have disturbed him from being the all time best graduating student.
Some few days to our final project defense, Olootu Michael Fareti was asked to report at the departmental office. We thought, at last his proposed appointment as a “Graduate Assistance” has come. After some hours of anxious waiting, Faraday came out soaked with tears as opposed the bright smile we were expecting: What happened? Our friend couldn’t utter a word. We the CSAs [Concerned Student Association] rushed down to the departmental office just to meet them also in a very sober mood. Whom do we ask, the courage was lost . At last, the secretary lowered he speck, and gathered herself to share in three few clauses the greatest shock in words I have heard in my life. “Take heart my students, it happens like that at a times, though very hardworking, diligent and loved by all, “Michael Is Not Our Student, We Have No Record Of His Admission, He’s Not Registered;” Good day.”
“Not possible” this was the statement of the day, tears rent air and sincerely it was like scene of a funeral. As I stepped aside from this pathetic scene, a voice dropped in to my heart “For What Shall It Profit A Man, If He Shall Gain The Whole World and lose his own soul?” I was also made to see a group of people prepared fo a journey overseas, with what I could infer from their discusions, they are going to return no more and they have with them all the have laboured for throught their years. Then a voice came to life, “drop all your loads and goods for it will not be needed for the journey; preparations are already on grounds to make you enjoy your stay over there, ‘Only If Your Name Is Found In The Register.'”
May I say it to you again that: no matter how many years you spend on earth, no matter what you do on earth, there shall be a transition to a place where the rest of our lives will be spent. I wish you spend it in JOY and not in SORROW, in GLORY and not in AGONY. God wants you in heaven while satan wants you in hell, for you to be qualified, you have to get registered.” And If Anyone’s [Name] Was Not Found Recorded [Registered] In The Book Of Life, He Was Hurled Into The Lake Of Fire” Rev. 20:15.
There is only one way you can get registered and this found in John 14:6 when Jesus says: I Am The Way, The Truth And Life; No One Can Come To The Father Except Through Him. Accept Him And Confess Him As Your Personal Lord And Saviour. My Brother, You Have To Be Registered.


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