The subject of patience is one that I find very necessary in the journey of success. This is because a lot of people have gotten the message of faith mixed up. This has hindered them from being successful. While we thank God for faith, many of us should stop believing that when you are using faith, you are using magic. Some people think God is a magician. God is not a magician; He is a miracle worker. He can change your natural situations and circumstances, but He will not do it like a magician.
I want you to understand that there is a relationship between faith and time and the understanding of this concept is crucial to achieving all-round success.
What does it mean to be patient? Some people think patience is a passive word; but it is not. To be patient does not mean your level of faith should reduce, or that you are withdrawing. To be patient means you remain the same in spite of situations and circumstances because of your knowledge of God’s timing. To be patient means to wait for God’s time without worry but with your faith intact.
Perseverance is another interpretation of patience. To persevere means to hold on,endure; steadfast even though situations and circumstances are pressurizing you left, right and center.
Patience is spiritual power. It is what you need to hold on. Sometimes it seems all the demons in hell are on your own case alone and the truthis that there is nobody who can withstand all this by ordinary will power.
Patience is the spiritual force that helps you hold on; it is the support that holds you from behind and keeps you from moving back and falling down. The fact that God has promised you that thing does not mean it would work automatically at your own time. God has His own plan.
Patience and perseverance are two essential ingredients of success. They are qualities of a good character.Success without a good character will end in failure. Do not think for a minute that success is an overnight operation. No! It is a life-time achievement and it requires an ample dose of patience and perseverance.
God has made all things beautiful in His own time. Most of us do not understand that God lives in timelessness; He does not live in days and nights like we do. If you understand that God has been living for over millions of years, you will know that telling Him three months is too long for you, is a waste of time. The truth about God is that He has a programme He follows,so you cannot rush him into anything.
I consider David as a patient man; even though God had told him he would be king, and Samuel had already anointed him, David still waited for God’s time. Many of us cannot wait like David did; we would have rather killed Saul, to help God fulfill the prophecy. David had three opportunities to kill Saul, yet he refused to force the prophecy to happen.
No matter the odds, it is in your destiny to succeed. Do not take the shortcut.


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