Now, I want to share some insights with you on how totdevelop the right ethics. I looked up the meaning of ethics in the dictionary and one definition says, ” A system of moral principles.” Another one says, “The body of moral principles or values governing or distinctive ofa particular culture or group.”
There are some key words in these two definitions. Words such as moral, principles, values and culture.
Moral has to do with the standards of good behaviour.
Principles are
fundamental truths or rules of conduct.
Values mean the worth or importance
of something or someone.
And Culture has to do with the customs and beliefs of a nation or group. Wow, all these concepts are embedded in one word – ETHICS!
With all I have highlighted and explained, you can see that ethics is a combination of moral standards, guiding principles and personal values.

Value is the worth placed on any person, thing or place.
So the question is, What value do you place onyourself?
Who or what do you value most in your
What do you believe in?
Do you think your
background should decide who you should be or not be?
Answer all these


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