Art of living:
First of all, don’t make friends
If made, don’t get attached to them
If attached, don’t love them
If loved, then please don’t leave them!

Dear Friend,
I am blessed to have you both as my MIRROR as well as my SHADOW;
Because Mirrors don’t lie and Shadows never leave!

Happiness requires two things:
A friend to laugh with;
And a friend to laugh at!
Thanks for being one of them!

One generally makes 10 friends;
Laughs with 9;
Talks regularly to 8;
Meets 7;
Celebrates with 6;
Loyal to 5;
Parties with 4;
Holidays with 3;
Cries with 2;
But only trusts 1!

Remember, you don’t need a certain number of friends, justa number of friends you can be certain of!

Difference between a friend and a best friend:
When you’re admitted to a hospital:
A friend asks: How’s the health?
But a best friend asks: How’s the nurse?

A real friend is the one who’ll try to pick you up when you have fallen;
And if he can’t pick you up, he’ll lie down right beside you!

I checked my pocket and I found coins;
I checked my wallet and I found rupees;
But when I checked my heart, Ifound a friends like you;
And then I realized about my riches!

We meet 3 types of friends in our lifetime:
1. Friends for a reason
2. Friends for a season
3. Friends for a lifetime

I can’t find a reason why life introduced me to you.
But that’s not the question. The question is as to how life knew that I needed a friend like you!


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