A beautiful day to you!

Do you know why people compromise their character sometimes? It is because they want to join the club. They want to portray an image that is accepted by everybody. Your self
esteem influences how you feel about yourself and how you feel will affect how you see yourself. Unhealthy circumstances, deprivation, lack of love, rejection, acts of
unkindness, abuse or sheer brutality that we have experienced in our lives help to shape our self image. Words spoken to us by people or authority figures also shapes our self image
on the inside.
You and I have the power to choose how we feel and what we think and each choice we make either strengthens or weakens our character.
You can chose today to rise above all the negative things you might have experienced and decide to start afresh on a positive note. It may be hard at
first but remember, “what you do consistently over a period of time will eventually become a part of you.”
Everybody has been given the power of choice. But this power comes with a great responsibility because for whatever you do there will always be consequences. So for the choice you are about to make, consider the consequences first before you make it.

You will Succeed!


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