Are you going to keep the issue to yourself or start telling those around? People run into wrong fellows sometimes and they don’t know. The person in financial need runs to someone with a similar need, and together they hold a
pity party. They sit, lamentand console themselves that the situation is the same with everybody everywhere. They may even conclude that their
circumstances may be destined by God. But what you need in a season of crisis is not a pity party. You need
direction. You need a way out. There are some people you would tell you lost your job and they would immediately give you “testimonies” of ten other persons that lost their jobs within the last month. You do not need testimonies that leave you disillusioned and confused; you need an inspired idea. You should position yourself to be on the look-out for those God will send your way with positive ideas and words that will
lift your spirit. When God gave me the idea to start radio broadcasts, I did not know where
the money would come from. But I had strong faiththat the idea would become a reality. One morning as I prayed, I felt a strong impression to go and pray for a Christian sister at her business place on my way to work. I did
and guess what? She asked about the radio programme and I replied that the plans were already in the concluding stage.
Then she gave me a sealed envelope. I opened it on my way and realised it was a pledge of the total amount I needed for the first quarter of the radio broadcast.
The lesson: Think positively when you have a challenge; focus on your vision or dream and you just might realise that the solution is closer than you could imagine. Don’t ever give up.


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