Ideas rule the world. You need to know and believe it! There are million dollar ideas around you every day. The quality of ideas that flow through
your mind determines the quality of your life and success. You can never rise above the level of your idea.
Ideas are products of thinking that emanate from your mind. Just as an architect will sit down first, think and see clearly in his mind the dream of a house before putting it down in pencil, your idea must clearly be seen in your mind and you need to capture it down in writing. Have you seen an edifice before and you said, “whaooh, this is a beautiful
building!” Know that it is somebody’s idea and it is the product of someone’s quality thinking. Have you ever seen a great man that you appreciate and wish to pattern your life after? You wish to have the qualityof life the person has. Know that what makes him great is the quality of
ideas that flow through his mind. He is the product of his thinking. It therefore simply means that youare what you think. You are 100% the product of your thinking and your life is shaped by your idea. So, if you want to change the quality of your life, allow quality ideas to flow through
your mind. How do you then generate quality ideas that help you to change or improve on
the quality of your life? There are different ways and I will be sharing some with you later. But I am sure that as you participate in my coaching
programme, inspired ideas will drop in your mind and you will start thinking in an exceptional manner that will not only change your life but that will also affect other people around you.


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