In as much as you prepare well with your vision at hand, putting faith into action in your daily prayer life. Don’t quit early from your line of pursuit. Quitters loses all and begins again.

– Quitters Never Wins And Winners Never Quit! When You Quit You Loose!

Here is the place for endurance, persistence and perseverance. Life is full of hills levels and side bends or hill to down bends. During your tough time, endure it till a change will come.

– Tough Time Never Last In Any Generation But Tough People Do Last To See The End Of Tough Period Of Life.

Hard time have its part in developing your potentials. How do you express and prepare for the other side of the coin in the nearest future, if you have not pass throught it.

– When Hardship Got Broken, It Produces The Key To Easy Going Life. Endure!

In other words, persistence and consistence in your attempts and trying. Will definitely produce up-grade expectations.

– Failure Once Is Not The Real Failure, But Inability To Make Attempts Again to Continues Is The Unbeatable Failure

Don’t accepts defeat in your carrier. Ratther, rise up to face the challenges again, until the picture is exactly the colour, size and contents of your revealation.

Defeat Is Not A Failure, It Is A Chance to Prepare And Rise To the Task!

A scientist in a dialogue revealed the success of a research during the research to produce flouriscent bulbs. This is a man’s vision, determined to bring to reality

the group of researchers came together to start their efforts. Their efforts first time is encouraging, but the more they are progress the more they are confused.

At the ninety nine times (99 times) in full efforts, researches, compiling, etc some determined to withdraw.

Now, the director who engineer the vision pet all to do this. “Let’s put all our success together and put all our failures together and try the last time”. This they do and flouriscent bulb and concirment came to reality.

– At This Junction, Are You Confused, You Have Not Failed. Do Something To Move Forward.

Put all your defeat and failure together and put your success all together. Consider why these failure! Then consider tools and agents of those success. Adjust, admits, consider and compile. You will see clearly your next step.

– Defeat Together, Failure Together Will Give You Likely Reasons For Each Time Success Together Will Reveal What You Need more To Get There.


Even if you are leading others, seen you at the high front or ahead is not a good sigh of quitting the stage and coming behind would be worst if you quit now. Don’t quit so soon!

If you are encountered with difficulties, don’t change your precious decisions, you can change directions to get there.

– Life Is Not Funny But Mysterious. what We Call Problems Most Time Is A Container Of Full Opportunities Of Solutions.

What you have lost is not currently matters, but what you have left is very important and counts mostly.

– If Your Give Up Trying, You Have Failed Already!

Delay is the products of failure, but it does not end up there. Failure is not defeat but delay. Don’t stop there rise again.


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