Prayer in a simple definition is communicating with God either publicly or secretly. Prayer is talking with God. Making request that make or bring a changes of live. Prayer is always effective. One of the major keys and steps to be taking during preparation and processing of an issues or a project is praying through.
Many people start without consider prayer as a special weapon and end up with no payment for their struggle. Many remains as a failure because they can not pray. Prayer is the key that unlock the impossible circuit of life! A prayerful somebody will live a meaningful life and will have series of records of breakthrough. If one does not breakthrough in life, he will definitely breakdown. No doubt about this! As a prayerless somebody suffers and end up in frustrations, so is also half way prayer candidate will have no result. You must pray it through, pray until something happens. Pray until you receive your green light.
Do you want to prevail in life start praying today. Do you intend to live a glorious life among others, pray. Prayer is a personal conversation with God. A Christian who left stones of prayer untouched will end up in crisis, because you must pray through Jesus Christ to God to avert all crisis.
A prayerful somebody will never be under closed heaven. Someone underclosed heaven will always be or have a closed mind, meaning that his destiny will be closed.

Pray Until Something Happen! “PUSH”

Revelations of new ideas concentrations and rededications is the result of constant prayer of determination.

Ablity To Pray Is The Ajbility To Prevail!

An effective prayer produces wonderful boldness and bright
presentation. This wil attract favour and richess will collow to bring honour to ones’ life.
Consider prayer as a personal weapon unbeatable but produces testimonies. – “your efficiency without His own sufficiency, will lead to inefficiency when you refuse to pray regularly, you die gradually” – Isaiah Agun submitted on one of his book.


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