Prepare well to end well or prepare roughly or inadequately and end up regretting. A journey prepared well end up well and lifts you up. While impromtu ending or unprepared journey end up half way or impalatable ending.
“Today’s manifestations of someone’s life is the result of his foundation. What you are today is the result of your yesterday. Your future lies on what foundations, conceptions, orientations and determinations you have in place today on your life.
After man’s falling short of God’s glory. God planned for our salvation and deliverance. This planning took God several thousands of years before the redeemer was finally born into the world. It took Him another thirty three years to prepare the lamb for sacrifice before cruxifixtion on the cross. For Him to take charge of the whole world away from the devil and righteousness to reign for Him or with Him, will take God another several thousands of years – Pentecost to this age, then to rapture and later millenium reign of Christ and Christians then another age; then judgement seat and finally eternity. You can’t begin without a well constructed preparations – you need to know – the favourable and unfavourable weather
– what to endure and what to enjoy
– primary or elementary knowledge needed for the journey to your fulfilment – velocity requires to maintain speedy records of progress
– nature of landing and success.
Jesus Christ through God and His word had not promised us a problem proof lives but a saved and successful landing at the promise land.

So Prepare Well And End Up Well!

The King Artasasta, ask Nehemiah – how long will your journey take you? What will it cost you? When will you be back? Since he was able to produce answers to these questions, he was favourable and successful – Nehemiah 2:6-9

“Journey To The Top And Fulfilment Request Rigid And Serious Planning And Preparation.”


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