Partnership is togetheness of two or more person of like-minds for common purposes. Partnership begins at childhood when small children of about equal ages and of both sexes play together evereday in their immediate environment with sand, balls, toys and other playing tools. They would bath together during rainfall, sit together to talk or sing and perform simple dramas. At schonl age, they would play together in the school premises, study together, eat together, play games together and do other things in common. Small kids also patner in churches, mosques and other social gatherings.
“Show me your friend and I wlll know the type of person you are”, is a common sayings which suggests that persons of like manners move and play together amicably. Incompatible persons cannot partner; the duo must have some things in common in order to successfully go into partnership. At the teenage, when the children are in the secondary schools or higher institutions of learning, the female and the male children would begin to partner separately in order to share common opinions and interests. At this stage, the children need sex education from their parents so that they will not fall prey of sexual impropriety before and after they grow into adulthood.
Naturally, every female was born virgin, which means that her virgina is naturally covered by a thick fleshy scale which should be broken by the male’s erecting penis before sexual intercourse can be possible. The breaking of virginity can be painful and scaring because, in the process, blood will gush out of the virgina. Sex education for the children in their infancy will, therefore, lay the foundation on which they will develope attitudes of frankness, respect or inhibition and vulgarity the parents particularly the mother, should explain the productive system to their children with emphasis on the essence and danger inherent in pre-marital sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancy. The children should understand that breaking of virginity before marriage will encourage sexual urge and
fornication that could lead to unwanted pregnancy and consequently disrupt their academic pursuit and future progress. It is therefore essential to encourage the female teenagers to preserve their virginity by eschewing any immoral act that can jeopardise their womanhood. Similarly, the boys should know enough about the advent of adulthood in order to understand the feelings and urges that they will experience when their male organs first become active at about the age eleven and above.


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