Research is simply the process of arriving at dependable solution to problems through the planned and systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of data. Research is a most important tool for advancing knowledge, for promoting progress, and for enabling man to reduce more effictively to his environment, to accomplish his purpose, and to resolve his conflicts.
Research is oriented toward the discovery of the relationships that exist among the phenomena of the world in which we live. Research is devoted to finding conditions under which a certain phenomenon occurs and the condition under which it does not occur in what might appear to be similar circumferences.

Research does not include the routine activities of applying what is already known or of teaching in the usual sense of the word. Research is reserved for activities designed to discover facts and
relationships that will make knowledge more effective. Frequenctly and individual who looks up a word in the dictionary or a historical fact in the encyclopedia claims he “researches” it. Other persons who purpose to do research are merely engaped in nothing more than fact-finding.


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