Anger is a natural responce to threats, it inspires powerful, often aggressive feelings and behaviours which allow us to light and to defend ourselves when we are attacked. Therefore, a certain amount of anger is neccessary for survival. It is when anger is displaced, uncontrollable or is festering and interferes with social, norms, laws, boundaries, and commorn sense that it might be problematic.

We use a variety of processes. The three (3) main approaches to deal with angry felings. The healthiest way to express angry feeling is in and assertive, non-aggressive manner. Inorder to do this you have to learn how to make clear what your needs are and how to get them met without hurting others. Contrary to popular belief, being assertive does no mean being pushy or demanding. It means being respective to yourself and to others.

Angry can be suppressed then converted or redirected this happened when you hold in your anger, stop thinking about and falls on something else positive. The arm is to convert it into more
constructive behaviour. The danger with this type of response arises if your anger is not allowed to be expressed outwardly, it generally can be turned inward which could result in a range of problems both psychological and physiological or organic in nature. For example, condition such as hypertention, high blood pressure and depression are some of the ailment that can potentially develop.


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