Dr. Tony Campolo writes: ‘I know a man who loves to use his money to help people who will never know it was him. When I told him about a student who was hoping to become a minister but was going to have to drop out of school for financial rearons, he contacted the college and arranged to have the student’s bills paid. That student became on of the best preachers in my denomination. Hundreds have become Christians under his leadership. Thousands have been influenced by his sermons; and he never did find out who put up the money! Behind it at all was a person with resources, and the desire to do something that would live on. It surprises me more people don’t do this. Many keep their money tucked away, and when they die they leave it to people who don’t really need it. What a waste, when they could make a difference in so many lives.’
A lost opportunity to give is a lost opportunity to receive, because ‘Your father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.’ Imagine what it will be like on judgement Day when God tells somebody you helped anonymouslythat it was you. There will be rewards handed up to the people who don’t remember doing things the’re being honoured for, like making a phone call that landed somebody to job. Paying their light bill, encouraging them when they’re down, or leaving a bag of forget, God remembers, records and rewards. Jesus said if all you can do is give somebody ‘a cup of cold water….you will….be rewarded’ (Mathew 10:42 NLT).


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