Life is game of chance, once you mess it up, you have mess it up, and there is nothing any body can do about it.
Life is a race with price.
Life is game some participates while others spectates.
Life will never be serious untill you become serious about it. Life can be a bed of rose, if you work for it.
Life is sweet for those who understand the rules.
Life is a fair employer it only gives you what you deserve.
Life has no part, so dont experiment with it.
Life is like shopping centre whatever you come out with is what you have bargained for.

The best place to find hand is at the end of your arm.
Go where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated. You can never know what you are looking for, untill you start looking for it. Your altitude to life determine the life you will take up.
You can never be crazy untill you start acting crazily.
I can never say goodbye, until i’m gone!
Are you go where opportunity is, or where it going.


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