We all face obstacles from time to time, I’m facing one at the moment. Whether the problem overcomes me, or whether I rise up to overcome it, depends on my attitude towards it. How do I see this obstacle? How do I mentally approach it? The answers to these questions will determine whether this obstacle takes me down or makes me grow.

I must see this as a “challenge” not as a “problem”. The word “problem” conjures up visions of defeat and struggle. But a “challenge” is something to be overcome. It draws the best out of us.
“Problems” can make us depressed. “Challenges” inspire us to grow. It starts in the mind. They are challenges. Not problems. They make us better. They are opportunities for improvement. We can use them to our advantage. Challenges train us in a new area we need to overcome.
All great achievers take this approach to obstacles and they carry on growing and achieving as a result. You will too.

I have no problems only challenges
I love challenges
I am an awesome Winner.


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