Attitude is awesome. It has such power to help you (or hurt you). Our attitudes attract or push people away. If our attitude is poor, we push people, with a great attitude, away. They don’t want to be around us if we are negative, critical, rude, uncaring and irresponsible.

Poor attitude attracts others with the same attitude, because they can identify with it. They too are rude, insensitive, fault-finding and they enjoy the company of those who can be as “careless” as they are.

If we have great attitudes, we attract others with the same attitude.

Who are you attracting?
The way to attract the people that will help you become the incredible person you were born to be, is to choose to be patient, humble, caring, forgiving, hard-working, responsible and enthusiastic every moment of the day – even when it’s tough.

Avoid those who have destructive attitudes! They will harm your career and relationships, in the long-run.

I have a great attitude
I attract positive people
I live life to the full.


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