Do you know tha you have fall but not fall flat, because those who fall flat are those that can not rise again. Thank God that you fell but not flat, you must give glory to God.
There are some people that fell flat because they knew the truth but it doesn’t set them free, only because they did not allow the truth to set them free, this is due to the spirit of pride in their life.
You have to know and identify which one is your’s. Roman 3:23 says “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God”. But if you can identify your’s you can be justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.
Do you know what brought about your down fall or not?
If you don’t know, it may be through the following or another which this ‘tract’ will help you to think about after you have read through and think deeply of yourself.
Among many of things that majority brings about falling of children of God are the followings:
1). When God used you for the healing of others.
2). When you are used by God for salvation of others.
3). Pastors falls sometimes by the praises of people by lifting them above the deeds of God.
4). When you refused to to do the will of God.
5). When you thinks about how things will work well in life and you neglet heaven, consciousness etc.
Therefore ministers of God have to consider majority of these two points:
1). CALL/MINISTRY TILES:- The Bible says “Each individual is given a gift according to his power and there should be a glaring different between each call or ministry. Just because a soul was healed may be through your prayer or messege, you begin to titled yourself with different names like, Rev, Prophet, Apostle, Evangelist etc, due to the spirit of pride that enter your life without knowing that God as planned for the salvation, deliverance and healing of that soul right from onset, why? The reason being that you can not categorically identify your call. Please just check back and identify your call, because there are different part present in the body performing different functions but working towards the same goal.
2). PEOPLE’S PRAISES TO THE MINISTERS:- The Bible says my Glory will i not share with any man, but nowadays due to the call of God upon you and anointing of God to you, due to their ignorancep and you have never refuse due to spirip of pride in you which makes your head swells beyond your power, then begin to see yourself as angel not ordinary human (dust) again, people call you many respectful name. Euen some call you “Baba” whereas Bible says “You have only one father who is at heaven”.
All these are mere strategies of devil to push you down and immediately you fall flat that is the end of all shows.
Think well and ask youself these questions:
Do i have Call? If yes:
What is the basis of my call?
Am I still in line of the call upon me?
Although all these questions may sound un – answered to you Because ynu might have been missing ip, but despite all “it is not yet” you can still trabe yourself back.
Some Pastor’s are the major downfall of the members in their Church.
Because the preach, wealthy, blessing, success, breakthrough, properity to them but they refuse to show them the root of salvation which is Jesus and this love towards human kind. As a Pastor ask yourself why Am i a pastor? Why did God call me to Ministry?.
Some members are greatly disappointed in their pastor due to their lifestyle, some attributes in them that are of flesh, even their entire family.


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