1. To make people realize the nature of the fall of man.
2. To open people’s eyes to God’s way of restoring us back from the great fall.
3. To make man see the reason why we arise from our fall.
Israel the nation God graciously chosed is known as we read through the pages of the Old Testament as a nation that is quickly to forget their continual fall into sin usually attracted divine punishment upon them. When this happened, they loose their glorious position God has place them. Any time they fall into sin and God punishes them, the scriptures describe their state as that His countenance is shinning upon them again.
God is sending His word of hope, renewal and restoration to them again as nation He has choose having respected their prayers of confession and repentance in Isaiah 59.
However, for the purpose of our study, we shall endeavour to dig to the root of their usual departure (which is common to every man) from the lord lest we take judgment seat over them unneccessarily; and trace it to how God brings about restoration that which was not fully realized in their own time that makes us to stand a better chance over them. Therefore, Israel is not our focus but the entire humanity.
This is the mother of all falls. It is the original fall. No one born of a woman escape it. It is the fall that account for the continual fall of Israel and their departure from the Lord. This fall will be better understood highlighting its nature.
1. It is a fall of every man Rom. 5:12, Genesis 3:20
2. A fall of Grace -Roman 8:7-8
3. A fall short of the Glory of God -Roman 3:23
4. A fall out of the relationship with God -Genesis 3:23-24
5. A fall out of the divine enclosure -Genesis 3:23-24
6. A fall into sin, sinfulness, and curse. Genesis 3:16-20, Roman.5:12
7. A fall out of life into death. Roman 5:12, 15.
8. A fall into condemnation and divine wrath. Roman 5:18a, Ephesians 2:3
This what accounts for the Israelites’ kind of heart -A heart that is swift in departing from the lord. These is no how it (heart) is pampered and treasured, it will manifest who he is.
NOTE: It is paramount to understand the nature of our fall since we will not be talking about “RISING” if there has not been “A FALL.”
This is what makes the two imperative words possible in a man’s life “……for thy light has come”. The two imperative words are
One must be aware that the light that has come is Jesus Christ -John 1:6-9, Luke 1:78; 2:30-32, John 8:12; 12:36. The life that he gives is light. He was the light that come forth when God spoke in Genesis 1:3. This prophesy of isaiah is concerning us who experience the New Testament.

ARISE…. for your light has come. (Jesus Christ.) has come.
Jesus is sent because of every man and woman regardless of tribe, tongue, culture, etc. Anyone who welcomes Him will have Him. Anyone who has Him will arise. That is only when it is possible to arise from the ancient fall. Everyone has fallen. Everyone is to rise: but this rise is only possible through Jesus. Through Him God has made the provision for our rise. It is going to be a “rise out of” everything the ancient fall was a “fall into” and also “a rise into” everything the ancient fall was a “fall out of”as mentioned in (b) above. No one will ever ARISE without Him.(mathew 1:21, john 1:11-13; Roman 5:17-19). He (Jesus) is the light that has dawn on us, everyone is “condemned to RISE” Through Him. A life of darkness insurmountable without Him.

SHINE…. for your light has come. Isaiah 60:1.
This why i have risen. It is that i may shine. Provision is made for me to Arise through Jesus Christ from my fallen state that i may shine. How impossible it is for me to shine in my fallen state. No wonder the issue of my RISING took God so much even His Only begothen son. I cannot afford to do otherwise than shinning.
What does it mean to shine?. It is to REFLECT the light that has come into me. It is an act of PRODUCING light. It connotes MANIFESTING the Glory of the one who has come into me. It is all about showing forth the LIGHT that is now dwelling in me-the light that has come (Jesus Christ). WE MUST SHINE FORTH AS LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD. The manifestation of His glory in our life is proportionate to the degree of our shinning. A correct lifestyle of the kingdom.
CONCLUSION: How sorry it is that Christians (little christs, little lights) shine less in his dark world! We must take pain to examine if truly we carry the LIGHT Himself. We must check if there is serious relationship between ourselves and Himself that can produce needed voltage continuously to be shinning light in this dark world. “ARISE, SHINE.” for thy light has come… Let us pray.
Akanmu Kehinde A.


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