“A man’s real possessio n is his memory.”
In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.”
-Alexander Smith
On 25th of March 2007, I was walking in the street where i reside. At the tail of the street, I saw a man advertising a product with the aid of mega phone. The man’s advertisement received much attention that virtually all the passers-by listened intently to him. Below is an extract of his advertisement:
“. . . This product of ours is prepared mainly for your children who are forgetful of whatever they are taught in school . . . . Here is how you are going to use it. Make two inscisions on the chest of the child. Take a little quality of the product and rub the inscisions with it. Thereafter, pour the leftover on the child’s right palm, pour a little palm oil and tell the child to lick it . . . . The medicine for memory purpose will not teach your child, but it will boost the brain (memory) of the child . . . .”

Experience is hard teacher. To be sincere with you, when i was in the college, i suffer memory loss or forgetfulnes. Then, I would learn and forget. However, I was desirous to have retentive memory. In an attenpt to find a lasting solution to my memnry loss problem, I confided in a kind hearted friend whose name was Taofeek. I told him about my inability to retain whatever I study or learn in my memory. He offered to take me to a herbalist who would give me ‘Ogun Isoye’ meaning ‘Traditional Medicine for Memory’.
Eventually, we met with the man. The herbalist told me that i had to pay a sum of money for the medicine and service he was to render. Without delay, I quickly paid.
Thereafter, the herbalist brought out a new razor blade and sought for my consent to make three inscisions with a powder form substance which was the traditional medicine for memory.
Willingly, I agree like a lamb for slaughter. I did this in order to have good memory that would lead to academic success, yet there was nothing to show for it as the memory loss persisted in my academic life. I was a total failure! The inscisions are still under my arm pit till date. Then, little did i know that there was neither good nor bad memory. However, one’s memory could be trained or untraind . Untrained memory can also be referred to as poor memory.
The reason why i had poor memory was that i could not identify the cause of it. As a matter of fact. Some of the causes of memory loss discussed later in this book are obvious in my academic life at that time. Over the years, I have learned the practical Secrets of retentive memory and that is what you are about to learn.
It will be unwise pursuit to learn by experience when there are instructions. Doubtless, it is cheaper to learn by informations. It is costly to learn by experience. So, learn from the instructions that will be given later in this book.



  1. I’m suspicious of taking advice on improving memory from someone who was gullible enough to be conned by a dishonest herbalist.


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