In the life of a family man, there five (5) ladies that must attarched to him.
1). MOTHER; Any man must be born by a lady (woman) one way or the other. That is the FIRST LADY.
2). SISTERS; These are the female child born in the same family either Young or Old, of the same mother or the same Father. No matter how. That is the SECOND LADY.
3). WIFE; These Category of lady is the one that we (man) make as a “Life Partner”. That is the THIRD LADY.
4). SIBLINGS; These are the female Child (daughter) that we (man) gave birth to in the course of our life. That is the FOURTH LADY.
5). WORK MATE; These are the female workers that are found at our (man’s) work place, it may especially be a Secretary, Sales girl, or any other female workers. That is the FIFTH LADY.
All these Ladies are attarch to Every Man’s life in on way or the Other and we (man) has one role or the other to take in each one, also man would not do without them. And man Should be Careful not to let their duty overlap each other, he must make sure to he is punctual to all of them all.
Thank you.
Akanmu Kehinde Adeolu.



  1. Correction: Siblings are not our children, but our brothers and sisters.

    Observation: You did not include the possibility of the female workmate being your boss. That omission and the example you gave made your post seem rather sexist.


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