Epistemology or the study of knowledge is one major concern and important aspect of philosophy and edubation . This is because of the relevance of knowledge to the teacher and the entire educational system. This chapter explain in detailed form the concept of epistemology, theories of truth and the sources of knowledge.

Epistemology is mainly concern with the origins, the source, the nature and limits of our knowledge. The problem knowledge is one that has occupied phylosophers down through the ages. Over the centuries, phylosophers have been divided as to what constitute true knowledge. Plato and Socrates, for instance, opined that the only true knowledge is that which is attained by reason since it is through it that pure spiritual form of things are known beyond their material components. Hegel maintained that true knowledge is one that is rational and systematic. Some other phylosophers equally maintained that true knowledge is one that corresponds to the world as it is while phylosophers like William James contend that true knowledge is one that has favourable cosequences. In all of the above positions on knowledge, some underlying issues or bases or conditions exist. There is therefore the need to understand the three to conditions of knowledge.

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